Tenda de Oliveira

We provide comfortable camping in a spacious five metre diameter bell tent, with a couple of deckchairs outside to soak up the sun, surrounded by ancient olive trees in ICNF-protected woodland. There’s a double bed and all the convenience you would expect in a hotel room – but under canvas. Set in the slowly-beating heart of Central Portugal in idyllic surroundings, in the tiny village of Moita Negra (look for Mouta Negra on Google Maps). Perfect for couples. Or you can even hire another couple of tents if there are more of you.

Olive trees were brought here by the Romans, and thrive in Portugal’s temperate climate. This year were expecting a bumper harvest – so soon we’ll have an inexhaustible supply of olive oil!

Call us on ‭+351 236 676 173‬ or email us at dolittle@sapo.pt for bookings.

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