One of the first questions we’re asked is: ‘Well, the tents look very nice, but what facilities do you have?’

One of the first things we set to do here at Dolittle Holidays is to convert an old barn into bathroom facilities. What once was an old tumbledown home for goats and the like is now where you can perform your daily ablutions while you stay with us. There are two bathrooms each with a shower, toilet, sinks, hot and cold running water and even electricity so you can see what you’re doing (that’s me in one of the pictures).

Next to the bathrooms is what used to be an old adega (where, once upon a time, wine was produced – we left the metal part of the wine press where it was, because quite honestly, it was too heavy to move. It’s what they call ‘a feature’ now). The old adega comes equipped with a swinging chair, where you can sit and read in the shade if you fancy it. There’s also a fridge with a small freezer compartment, where you can store your food. The fridge is well stocked with various beverages (beer, white wine, various soft drinks – and there’s a box of red wine on top of the fridge, warming nicely)), to which you are welcome to help yourself. It’s kind of an honesty bar, so all ask is that you make a contribution to help us buy more – we suggest €1 per drink.


Across from the adega is the outdoor kitchen, where you’ll find sinks, a food preparation area, and coffee and tea making facilities. The hot water is provided by the sun heating the water pipe on the roof – so don’t be too surprised if it’s not so hot at night.


Finally, we have the dining eira (the eira is where, back in the day, when this was a working farm, the farmer would separate the wheat from the chaff, or the olives from the branches, that sort of thing. These days it’s where we put your breakfast every morning, and where you can sit and chill in the evenings. There’s even a gas barbecue with a gas ring, so you can cook your evening meal.


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