Back in the long hot summer of last year, we told you about finding a well surrounded by willows. So, fast forward to January, and after a pretty rainy winter, the well has filled with water! And not just water, but newt tadpoles, too! Lots of the little blighters! After a bit of online research, we think they may grow up to be Iberian newts. We’ll update as they grow up…

This place never fails to surprise. We’ve got some willows on our land, and they were being slowly strangled by brambles and ivy, so as part of the ongoing land clearance, I thought I’d give them some room to breathe. So, with the aid of my trusty strimmer, I set to work… and lo and behold, turns out we’ve got a well! It’s about 6 or 7 foot deep at the moment, and I suspect it has a wooden well cover, cos it bounced a bit when I threw a rock at it.

This means the idea of a natural pool could be edging closer and also an alternative source of water for the house and showers may be available.

Exciting times!

We have a well! Well.

Dave and the well wall

Ali and the well

View from the well

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